Candle Fragrance List

50 Shades
bergamot + cedar wood + leather

Amalfi Coast*
wild freesia, fresh lime + lavender (fresh/manly scent)

fruity fragrance with hints of white peach, green apple, orange zest & strawberry

Black Raspberry
blackberries, raspberries + vanilla

Blue Agave & Cacao
crushed cloves, cinnamon + bergamot 

Caramel Vanilla
sweet, buttery, vanilla + tonka bean

Citrus & Sea Salt
grapefruit, lime, white tea wood + musk

Coconut & Elderflower
lime juice, bergamot peel, elderflower + coconut

Cubans & Brandy
creamy sandalwood, musk + vanilla bean

Frankincense & Myrrh
woods, spices, musk + vanilla 

French Pear
pear fragrance with a hint of spice

Lemongrass & Sage
lemongrass, sage, thyme + musk

Lychee & Peony
sweet lychee fruit + peony flower petals

Magnolia Blossom
floral fragrance with a hint of citrus, fresh lily + white flowers

Million For Him* (1 Million)
blood orange, nutmeg, clove + leather (cologne type)

Miss Dior*
mandarin, bergamot, rose, jasmine, musk + patchouli (perfume type)

Peach & Brown Sugar
juicy peach, brown sugar, orange, apricot + strawberry 

Pink Sugar*
strawberry, raspberry, vanilla + musk (perfume type)

Salted Caramel
buttery caramel, coconut, vanilla + creamy condensed milk

Sex on the Beach
mandarin, peach, apricot + cranberry

Vanilla & Sandalwood
sandalwood, vanilla bean + musk

White Frangipani
floral, black pepper + roses



* cologne & perfume type fragrances are not part of and has no association with any other product of the same brand or similar name. The description is to give the customer an idea of what the scent replicates.